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Resources and Next Steps

Insurance - Step-by-Step Guide

The path to treatment for those who have state medical insurance (Apple Health), or those who do not have medical insurance, is mostly self-service. If you're seeking substance-abuse treatment and have state insurance or no insurance, follow the steps below. If you have private insurance, we can assist with your process directly (click the CONTACT page to get in touch with us).


For WA state residents who don't have private insurance, the first step towards getting assistance with substance abuse or mental health is to apply for state medical insurance.

Apply for Washington State Apple Health (Medicaid)

When you’re ready to apply, you’ll need the following:

Your household monthly income • The Social Security numbers and dates of birth for each member of your household. • Your immigration information, if that applies to you.

If you need assistance, please call WithinReach at: 1-800-322-2588.

If you live in another state and are wanting to enroll in your state insurance program, please visit the Medicare website for more information.  


Once you have enrolled in state insurance, the next step is setting up an assessment at an agency in your county (see list of Detox and Assessment Centers below). Once you complete the assessment, the agency you go through will be working with treatment facilities to secure treatment for you. There may be other steps, so be sure to advocate for yourself and ask what all is required of you by that agency. 

If you need assistance getting an assessment, or need a ride to an assessment, detox or Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), please contact us at: 206-422-0021. If you have private insurance, we can assist with locating treatment for you directly. CONTACT us!



Washington Recovery Helpline

Washington State Crisis Connections

Washington State Crisis Connections

Anonymous, confidential 24-hour help line for Washington State residents for those experiencing substance use disorder, problem gambling, and/or a mental health challenge.


1-866-789-1511 (24 HOURS A DAY)

Washington State Crisis Connections

Washington State Crisis Connections

Washington State Crisis Connections

With over 400 trained volunteers and

experienced staff, we provide support, resources and certified training for King County and other communities statewide.


 1-866-427-4747 (24 HOURS A DAY) 

WA State Domestic Violence Hotline

Washington State Crisis Connections

WA State Domestic Violence Hotline

If you are worried about yourself or a  loved one, help is available. For further information about domestic violence and help that is available, please visit https://wscadv.org



Self Help Groups and Organizations

Self Help Groups

Alcohol/Drug Counseling & Treatment for Teens

Alcohol/Drug Counseling & Treatment for Teens

 Alanon & Alateen: 206-625-0000

Alcoholics Anonymous: (206) 587-2838

Marijuana Anonymous:  206-414-9270

Narcotics Anonymous: 206-790-8888 

Alcohol/Drug Counseling & Treatment for Teens

Alcohol/Drug Counseling & Treatment for Teens

Alcohol/Drug Counseling & Treatment for Teens

Alanon & Alateen: 206-625-0000

Alcoholics Anonymous: (206) 587-2838

Marijuana Anonymous: 206-414-9270

Narcotics Anonymous:  206-790-8888 

Additional Helpful Online Resources

Alcohol/Drug Counseling & Treatment for Teens

Additional Helpful Online Resources

Detox/Assessment and Treatment Center Resources

List of Treatment and Detox Programs


Hotel California By the Sea, Bellevue WA: 425-467-7033

Bella Monte Recovery, Desert Hot Springs: (800) 974-1938

Breathe Life Healing Centers, West Hollywood, CA: (800) 929-5904

Northbound Treatment, Seattle, WA: (855) 858-6803


CTC Counseling Services: 206-957-0721

Fairfax Behavioral Hospital Detox:  425-821-2000

Evergreen Recovery: Detox and Assessments 425-258-2407

Seadrunar Detox: Assessment 206-245-1086 / Treatment 206-767-0244

Cascade Behavioral Health Hospital Drug Treatment: Detox and Assessments 206-745-4473

Catholic Community Services: Assessments 206-328-5696

Sound Mental Health Assessments Behavior Health/Chemical Dependency: 206-302-2200 


Tacoma Detox: 253-593-2413

Pioneer Human Services: 206-722-6900

To meet the needs of individuals seeking help in the community, the Fawcett Clinic (Tacoma) extended services and offers walk-in substance use and mental health assessments Monday through Friday from 8 AM – 4 PM. Medicaid is accepted for any service.

List of Shelters

Shelter Union Gospel Mission:


Urban Rest Stop:

1924 9th Ave Seattle

Phone: (206) 332-0110

Recovery Café:

2022 Boren Ave Seattle

Phone: (206) 374-8741

Tacoma Rescue Mission

425 S Tacoma Way,

Tacoma, WA 98402

Phone: (253) 383-4493

Tacoma Recovery Center

813 M.L.K. Jr Way,

Tacoma, WA 98405

(253) 533-9361


Downtown Seattle:

2124 4th Ave, Seattle

Phone: (206)263-2000


535 Dock ST, Tacoma

Phone: (253) 272-4789