Our Story

Not One More - Seattle Chapter

Not One More started in Simi Valley, CA in 2012 by two women who lost their beloved children from a heroin overdose and heroin related accident.

The Seattle Chapter of Not One More was formed by Kimberly Chilcott after her life was altered forever by heroin addiction. She lost her son Thaddeus, 22, to an accidental heroin overdose on November 20th, 2013. In seven short months, her son worked hard to live a clean and sober life through rehab, IOP (Intense Outpatient Program), clean and sober living and attending meetings. He relapsed and passed away. 

With the help of a dear friend, Kelli Vogel, has become a vigilant support and Vice President of the Seattle Chapter as she has personally been affected with a loved one who also struggles with addiction. Through the tears, grief, sadness, and frustration at what heroin is doing to our young adults this began the urge to change things, "even if it was only one kid"... Not One More Seattle Chapter Non Profit Organization became official on May 17, 2014 and is one of many chapters across the US.

We are here in our communities of Seattle and Tacoma to help educate and bring awareness to the terrible devastation that heroin and other drug abuse addiction inflicts on families all around us. This is an epidemic nationwide and it is wiping out a generation of the future.

We are parents who feel there is hope in change and we are willing to work hard to spread that message. We hope you will join us!

Healing and Hope - Our City Came Together

In frustration, sorrow, cooperation, hope, and a passion for change. A group of supporters, just regular people, each with their own unique talents and dedication, from very diverse backgrounds, but all having been touched in one way or another by substance abuse, addiction, or sadly, death, now make up the Board of Directors for this non-profit organization. With commitment and integrity, we are working hard to change our part of the world; to make it a safe city for our children, families and neighbors.